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Check Engine Light Analysis

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Ignition System Service

Spark Plug Replacement

Fluid Checks and Replacement

Battery System Repair

Regenerative Braking Service

Hybrid Vehicle Services

AC and Heating System 

Tire Services

Tie Rod and Ball Joint Repair

Suspension System Repair

Power Steering Service

Wheel Alignment

Timing Belt/Chain Replacement

Shock and Strut Replacement

Differential Service and Repair

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Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission Services

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Engine Rebuilding/Replacement

Engine Gasket Replacement

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Engine Repair Services

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Smith Auto Repair Services

Where Quality Meets Precision

At Smith Auto Repair, our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction drives everything we do. Specializing in vehicle electronics and advanced diagnostics, our expert team is equipped to handle all your auto repair needs with unmatched precision and care. Explore our wide range of services designed to keep your vehicle running at its best.

Meeting Olathe's Auto Repair Needs

Advanced Diagnostics

and Electronics

  • Electrical System Diagnostics: Pinpointing issues within the vehicle's electrical system, including battery, alternator, starters, and computer systems.
  • Check Engine Light Analysis: Comprehensive diagnostics to interpret check engine light codes and identify the root cause of the alert.
  • On-board Diagnostics (OBD) Scans: Utilizing OBD-II scanner tools to quickly assess and diagnose malfunctions within the vehicle's systems.
  • Electronic Control Module (ECM) Testing and Repair: Diagnosis and repair of the vehicle's computer system, responsible for managing engine performance and emissions.
  • Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration: Calibration and repair of ADAS components, including adaptive cruise cntrol, collission avoidance, and lane departure warning systems.

Routine Maintenance

and Tune-ups

  • Oil Changes and Lubrication Service: Regular oil changes to maintain engine health and performance.
  • Filter Replacements: Replacements of air, fuel, and cabin filters to ensure optimal vehicle operation.
  • Spark Plug Replacement and Ignition System Service: Maintenance of the ignition system, including spark plug checks and replacements.
  • Fluid Checks and Top-ups: Inspection and replenishment of essential fluids like brake, transmission, coolant, power steering, and windshield washer fluids.
  • Battery Inspection and Replacement: Testing and replacing car batteries as needed to ensure reliable starting and electrical function.

Brake Service and Repair

  • Brake Pad Replacement: Replacing worn brake pads to restore optimal braking performance.

  • Brake Fluid Flush: Removing old brake fluid and containments, replacing with fresh fluid for better braking response.

  • Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement: Correcting wear and tear on brake rotors to prevent vibration and improve brake efficiency.

  • Brake Line Inspection and Repair: Checking brake lines for leaks or damage and performing necessary repairs.

  • Handbrake Adjustment and Repair: Ensuring the handbrake is properly adjusted and functional.

Engine Repair and Rebuilding

  • Cylinder Head Repair and Valve Jobs: Repairing or replacing cylinder heads and valves to address leaks, poor performance, or noise issues.
  • Engine Gasket Replacement: Replacing blown or worn gaskets to prevent leaks and protect engine integrity.
  • Timing Belt or Chain Replacement: Replacing timing belts or chains to prevent engine damage.
  • Engine Rebuilding or Replacement: Comprehensive rebuilds or replacements of engines that are beyond repair.
  • Fuel Injection System Service: Cleaning and servicing the fuel injection system to improve performance and fuel efficiency.

Transmission Services

  • Transmission Fluid Flush and Replacement: Changing the transmission fluid and filter to maintain smooth shifting.
  • Clutch Repair and Replacement: Addressing issues with the clutch on manual transmissions, including slipping or sticking.
  • Automatic Transmission Adjustment and Servicing: Adjusting and servicing automatic transmissions for optimal performance.
  • Transmission Rebuilding or Replacement: Rebuilding or replacing faulty transmissions.
  • Differential Service and Repair: Servicing the differential to ensure smooth and safe turning of the vehicle.

Suspension and Steering System Services

  • Shock and Strut Replacement: Replacing worn shocks and struts to restore vehicle stability and comfort.
  • Wheel Alignment: Adjusting the angles of the wheels to manufacturer specifications for optimal tire wear and vehicle handling.
  • Power Steering Service and Repair: Servicing and repairing power steering systems to ensure smooth steering.
  • Suspension System Inspection and Repair: Inspecting and repairing suspension components for a smooth ride.
  • Tie Rod and Ball Joint Replacement: Replacing worn tie rods and ball joints to maintain proper vehicle alignment and handling.

Tire Services

  • Tire Rotation and Balancing: Rotating and balancing tires to ensure even tire wear and extended tire life.
  • Tire Pressure Checks and Adjustment: Checking and adjusting tire pressure for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Flat Tire Repair: Repairing punctures and leaks in tires.
  • New Tire Sales and Installation: Offering a selection of new tires and professional installation services.
  • Wheel Alignment: See Suspension and Steering Systems Services.

AC and Heating System Services

  • AC System Recharge: Recharging the air conditioning system with refrigerant for optimal cooling.
  • Heating System Repair: Repairing the vehicle's heating system to ensure warmth and comfort in cold weather.
  • Climate Control System Diagnostics and Repair: Diagnosing and repairing issues with the automatic climate control systems.
  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement: Replacing the cabin air filter for improved air quality inside the vehicle.
  • AC Compressor and Condenser Service: Servicing or replacing the AC compressor and condenser for efficient cooling.

Hybrid Vehicle Services

  • Hybrid Battery Inspection and Replacement: Inspecting and replacing hybrid vehicle batteries.
  • Electric Motor Service and Repair: Servicing and repairing the electric motor components of hybrid vehicles.
  • Regenerative Braking System Service: Servicing the regenerative braking system unique to hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Hybrid System Diagnostics: Diagnosing issues specific to hybrid systems, including power management and hybrid transmission issues.
  • High-Voltage Cable Inspection and Service: Inspecting and servicing high-voltage cables for safety and performance.

Comprehensive Services Under One Roof

From advanced diagnostics to routine maintenance, and specialized services for hybrid vehicles and classic cars, we offer a one-stop solution for all your auto repair needs. Our continuous investment in technology and training ensures we stay at the forefront of automotive care, offering you and your vehicle the latest in auto repair services.

Choose Smith Auto Repair for a service experience that sets new standards in auto care, where your satisfaction is our driving force.

Why Choose Smith Auto Repair?

Exceptional Customer Service

At Smith Auto Repair, we believe in building lasting relationships. Our approach to customer service is personalized and transparent, ensuring you are informed and confident in the decisions about your vehicle's care. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, providing a service experience that is as seamless and comfortable as possible.

A Commitment to Quality and Safety

Our dedication to quality is unmatched, focusing on delivering services that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Safety is paramount in our work; we prioritize repairs and maintenance that ensure your vehicle is reliable and safe on the road, giving you peace of mind with every journey.

Unrivaled Expertise in Auto Care

Choosing Smith Auto Repair means untrusting your vehicle to a team of master mechanics led by Dave and Jordan Overstreet, renowned for their expertise in vehicle electronics and diagnostics. Our mastery extends to all makes and models, ensuring your vehicle receives the best care, no matter its age or complexity.

Commitment to Quality

Our guarantees and warranties reflect our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch auto repair services. At Smith Auto Repair, we don't just fix cars - we ensure they are repaired right the first time, every time. Trust us to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently, with the backing of solid guarantees and warranties that protect your investment and satisfaction.

Our Service Guarantees and Warranties

Peace of Mind with Every Service

At Smith Auto Repair, we stand firmly behind the quality of our work. Our commitment to excellence is backed by comprehensive service guarantees and warranties, designed to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in every repair or maintenance service we offer.

Industry-Leading Warranties

All our service come with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, covering parts and labor for repairs performed at our shop. This warranty is a testament to our confidence in the quality of our work and the durability of the parts we use.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the service you've received, we urge you to let us know. We'll do everything in our power to make it right, including re-performing the service at no additional costs to you.

No-Surprise Pricing: Transparency is key to our customer service philosophy. We provide detailed, upfront estimates before any work begins, ensuring you understand the scope and cost of the service. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges - what we quote is what you pay.

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