20 September 2023

Does your vehicle have any of these signs of cooling system failure? Visit our Olathe auto shop!

If your engine runs too hot, then major engine problems could result. This makes it very important to keep your cooling system in excellent shape. Automotive cooling system parts include thermostats, radiators, water pumps, hoses, and cooling fans. A problem with any of these components can increase the risk of overheating. At Smith Specialty Automotive, our local auto shop specializes in cooling system repair in the greater Olathe, KS area. We’ll help to ensure that your engine is able to operate at a safe temperature.

Common Symptoms of a Cooling System Problem

A high reading on your dashboard’s temperature gauge is an indication that something is wrong with your cooling system. If your temp gauge enters the red zone, you should find somewhere safe to park and turn off your engine. Then you can give the shop a call to describe what exactly is going on and get professional advice on whether it seems like a good idea to drive any further. 

Leaks in the cooling system are often to blame for overheating. If your coolant level has gotten really low, then you could be dealing with an internal coolant leak. White exhaust smoke is a symptom of internally leaking coolant. This could mean you have a blown head gasket. Another potential sign of a coolant leak is that your coolant warning light has flashed on.

It's also smart to keep an eye out for signs of an external coolant leak. Periodically, it’s worth scanning over the pavement where your car is parked and seeing if there are any indications that automotive fluids are leaking. Leaking coolant can often be identified by its bright color. Commonly, it is green, but your coolant could be another color like yellow, orange, or pink. If coolant is leaking, then the drop in fluid pressure can reduce the coolant’s boiling point. In turn, you might see steam rising from under your hood. 

Cooling System Repair in Olathe, KS

When you need auto repair in Olathe and the surrounding area, contact Smith Specialty Automotive at (913) 393-0700. At our local auto shop, we can expertly address your vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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